A person who earns a legal commission by witnessing signatures is called a notary public. He is the assigned person to place a notary seal on signed legal documents. Usually, official documents do not require notarized signatures. However, having a notary seal helps in the legal protection and authenticity about rules of evidence. The main benefit of having notarized signatures is its potential to protect you in court and save you money. Technically speaking, notary publics do not notarize documents. Instead, they notarize the signatures. In the past, the law has required that notary seals should be present in various types of contract. Until today, notarized signatures are still very important in signing Real Estate deeds. According to the American Society of Notaries, the most common examples of notarized documents include powers of attorney, deeds, contracts and agreements.


The authority of a signature which has been notarized comes from the notary county commission or public’s state being a reliable witness. When a signer has made an oath regarding a document’s contents and it was declared in the presence of a notary public, it results in a penalty perjury. Some state and federal courts recognize the authenticity of notarized signatures. The notary public acts as a testament that he himself witnessed the claimant signing the document. All post offices and banks provide notary services. The court clerks as well as county deputies and commissioners are responsible to perform the duties of a notary public.


When it comes to legal proceedings, the role of the notary public is to confirm to the courts that the individual who signed the document is in fact the same person who appears on the official paper. The individuals who sign legal documents assert that they haven’t been forced to provide any signatures by having a notary public present. According to the American Society of Notaries, some document transactions requires the individuals to swear an oath regarding the truth about the contents of the signed document. This is mostly seen in affidavits and applications. Legal proceedings which happen in front of a notary public gives the assurance of legal protection whenever another individual contests the validity of the signature in court.


When you sign in the presence of a notary public, it protects you as a signer. It assures you that no one can claim that you are not telling the truth or misinterpret what is written on the document. The notary public ensures that you are protected from any dealings or problems which may arise in the future. As a signer, you will be asked to provide a photographic, physical description and signature to be used as proof of identity. Whenever you need to prove to someone the validity and authenticity of a signed document, having a notarized document will support your claims. For example, if you encounter any contract disputes, a notarized document will prove that the individual cannot accuse you of committing forgery. A notary public provides services to local businesses by providing protection regarding their operations, recruitment and official documents.

What are illuminated exit signs and how do they work?

Illuminated exit signs are required in public facilities across the world. In many countries, exit signs are green and use pictures of someone exiting a building. However, in the United States, exit signs are generally required to be red and to have the capitalized English-language word “EXIT” printed on them. Most fire safety codes in the United States require illuminated exit signs to be lit whenever the building is occupied, ensuring the possibility of safe exit even during off-hours.

After the infamous 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire in Manhattan, which killed 146 people, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) started developing protocols to ensure that people could escape fires more efficiently. According to a 2010 article on Slate, “In the 1930s and ’40s, the NFPA developed criteria for emergency exit signage, evaluating contrast levels and testing different sizes and stroke widths for lettering, eventually publishing standards that were adopted by state and local governments across the land.”

While the idea of an illuminated exit sign was a good one, it took some time before exit sign developers were able to invent a kind of sign that could actually be read through smoke and power outages caused by fires. Early exit signs were often illuminated by an incandescent light bulb placed nearby. Besides not being bright enough to cut through the smoke, these light bulbs needed power from the buildings to stay lit. Later exit signs retained the incandescent bulb, but placed it in the exit sign itself, more brightly illuminating it from behind. However, despite these innovations, illuminated exit signs which used incandescent light bulb technology were still not generally bright enough to fully rely on.

Another important innovation occurred when battery power-backup systems became more efficient and widespread. Many illuminated exit signs which rely on power, such as light bulb-based exit signs, use building power when the power is functioning and switch to battery power when necessary. This is important, given that IBC Compliant Exit Signs are required to stay illuminated for 90 minutes following a loss of power.

After the development of light-emitting diode, or LED, and fluorescent lamp technology, brightness was no longer an issue for powered illuminated exit signs. In the meantime, a number of other technologies were deployed to make illuminated exit signs that didn’t rely on power at all. Some illuminated exit sign fixtures rely on radioluminescence, a technology which generates illumination through the decay of radioactive materials (generally tritium) inside of a specially-coated glass tube. While ingenious, these signs are subject to additional regulatory requirements, including regulations surrounding maintenance and disposal.

If you’re in the market for IBC Section 1011 Exit Signs, arguably the most effective and efficient variety is the photoluminescent exit sign. This kind of illuminated exit sign uses “glow-in-the-dark” technology to absorb light from other light sources, meaning that it does not rely on external power or radioactive decay in order to stay lit during emergencies. While not effective in some cases, including outdoors or in darkened settings such as movie theaters, photoluminescent exit signs are widely regarded as one of the more low-maintenance and reliable exit sign technologies available.

How to run a business while working full-time

At times people are willing to start businesses but they are hindered by the fact that they have full time jobs. It is all about planning your time well, building realistic schedules that would ensure your business management follows the required sequence. To ensure that there is no much hustle, consider the kind of business you want to start.

Location is key

The first thing one should do is to consider getting a place near his or her work place. This way, it would be possible for a person to monitor the business. Like during lunch hours, early in the morning or in evening as job closes, you can go to your business area and check a few things to ensure that all is perfect.


Another way is to ensure that you get a faithful worker or workers who are going to handle the business appropriately to ensure that everything goes as planned. Always emphasize on records as a boss to ensure that there is transparency. Ask for the reviews from customers by keeping a complain box where customers can write and drop the information there. Through this you are going to be able to tackle matters ads they come accurately.


Maintain a good communication while you are not around the business. This can be done through ensuring that you ask for the updates from the employees and ensuring that the employees call you in case there are problems. Don’t be harsh no matter how silly the question or concern might be. This is because when employees fear you, they are not going to tell you anything.

During your holidays, that is the best time to start a business because you will have the experience on how it works and all the essential requirements needed. For the few days that you would be around, it is easy to monitor every activity and know what to expect even when away.

4 essential tips to generate cash flow every month

It is the dream of every business owner to generate cash maximally every month. But this is not normally the case if people don’t plan well for the activities of the business. Below are the four ways to ensure there is maximum inflow of cash every month from a business.

#1 Customer satisfaction

Ensure that what you buy is satisfactory to the users or buyers. Quality products is what makes people to come back to the shop asking for it more and more. Always try to look for better products than your competitors. This way, your business is going to be considered the best by most customers making your income perfect.

#2 Stock management

Buy or produce the quantity that you are sure it will not remain in the stores for long. Goods that remain in stores for long reduce value because many people want new ones. Take for example it is coffee selling business, only prepare coffee that you are sure it will satisfy the customers to avoid wastage. In so doing, you help yourself from getting losses from left overs.

#3 Proper accounting

Another good way is ensuring that you document all transactions for clarity and transparency to avoid wasting money on nonsense things. All receipts and orders should be kept fine because they are the ones used to determine revenues and expenditures.

#4 Customer acquisition

Make a lot of offers for more customers to come to your shop. Sometimes it is good to ensure that you sacrifice your little profit to win customers and accelerate your business prosperity. When you make regular offers, you might end up selling volumes of goods every month making you to make a lot of profits which your opponents would not have made. For you to be in a position to ensure steady cash inflow in your business, you always need to stay focused and put strategies based on the situation on the real ground.


3 businesses commonly started by high school students

Starting a business while finishing your high school isn’t easy, for a variety of reasons. However, some of the most successful businessmen in the world have started their entrepreneurial journey without finishing their high school diploma. Here are some of the businesses that you can start in school.

#1 Recording and Music


Label def Jam is among the businesses that were started by high school graduates for found that it wasn’t necessary to compete college degree. Russell Simmons dropped out of college when he was in his second year of study to go and promote hip hop in the streets. His aim was to promote young talents and since 1979 when he started being a manager of Kurtis blow, the known hip hop star, Russell has never ever lacked a project. He even worked with producer Rubin to create more hits and promote hip hop. Through this, Russell starts with a net worth of $100 which most of his college mates who proceeded to get degrees have not made even a quarter of that wealth.

#2 Computers and Technology


Dell computers were also invented by tech enthusiast who was in his medical school aspiring to be a doctor. Priorities changed and Michael Dell went ahead to form his own company which spread like bush fire across the world. In the 1980s when the computer technology was in infancy stage, dell has always been an option to many people and it has revolutionized over time to become more perfect. He used to build and sell desktops directly to customers without agents until today Dell has agents across all countries of the world.

#3 Travel and Entertainment


Virgin Group, was found by a high school dropout, Richard Branson who felt it was all about dealing with realities in life. He therefore started his own magazine, student magazine at the age of 16 and as if that was not enough at 19 the guy started the mail order business improving the chances of being successful in his life. He made it by opening the Virgin Records where all music and other types of entertainment needs were fully settled. Every step he made was the correct choice.